Put simply, Save-A-Tooth is a device for saving knocked out teeth.

If you knock out a tooth there are very few options available to you without proper care on the spot. That's where Save-A-Tooth comes in. It keeps the tooth alive for 24 hours until a dentist can replant the tooth. It also rinses and carries the tooth safely.


Save-A-Tooth Preserves The Root In 3 Ways:

The root is extremely fragile! Never attempt to touch or wash.


Only pick up the tooth by the enamel

The Hanks Balanced Salt Solution in Save-A-Tooth  stimulates cell growth on the root. The more cells you have alive before replanting, the better chance you have of saving the tooth.

Abrasion and physical cell crushing can do serious harm to the root. Each tooth that goes into Save-A-Tooth gets its own protective slot, preventing any serious damage

The design of the slots in Save-A-Tooth allows the dentist to remove the tooth without accidentaly damaging the root. It also gives the dentist a way to store the tooth to do additional prep work.