Save-A-Tooth® Saves Teeth
Knocked Out in an Accident

Save-A-Tooth® is the only way to save knocked out teeth for 24 hours!
Saving knocked out teeth is a standard procedure that is safe and cost efficent.
Make Save-A-Tooth part of your first aid kit today and save smiles!

How Does it Work?

Saving knocked out teeth is easier than you think! Learn the fast, simple steps and be prepared.

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Who Needs Save-A-Tooth?

Moms, Dentists, School Nurses, and Athletic Trainers all need Save-A-Tooth!

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Save-A-Tooth saves smiles on a daily basis. Don't take our word for it, see what others had to say.

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Traumatic Avulsion is SERIOUS!

Knocked out teeth are a daily ocurence whether at school, at work, or on the sports field. The immediate steps that you take after the accident can have a permanent impact on your oral health.

Unlike a broken bone or a concussion which heal after time, a knocked out tooth that is not properly treated will never recover. A missing tooth is a problem that follows you for the rest of your life. Even the best artificial implants require lots of maintenence.

Don't risk losing your teeth forever. Keep Save-A-Tooth on hand to ensure the best chance of success.

Save-A-Tooth® is inexpensive and easy to use, especially when you consider the alternatives:

cost of teeth

Upwards of $4,000 per tooth every 10 years

The price of a replacement tooth is upwards of $40,000 per tooth over a lifetime. That's even if your dental plan covers it (most don't!).

replacement teeth children

Children under 18 cannot get permanent replacments

Children under 18 cannot use permanent replacement teeth because their jaw is still maturing. That means expensive temporary dentures or outright missing teeth which need replacement every year. Children with missing teeth suffer significant psychological and social stress from their peers.

teeth lawsuit

A Strong History Of Scientific Excellence

The American Dental Association, Academy of Sports Dentistry, and the American Association of Endodontics, among many others, all support Save-A-Tooth as the proper method to use when saving knocked out teeth. This is backed up by 36 years of scientific research on tooth avulsion.

Whether you're a School Nurse, an Athletic Trainer, or a concerned Mom, having a simple Save-A-Tooth® is an extremely easy solution to what is otherwise an emergency situation. Even Dentists and Oral Surgeons need Save-A-Tooth® — because it works!

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